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At the Sun Spot, we offer both Spray Tanning & Air Brush Tanning solutions to meet the most demanding tanning requirements of our loyal customers who rely on us for their ongoing tanning needs.  And we are serious about the quality of our Sunless Tanning services... so much so that we only use the leading solutions in the marketplace today, VersaPro, and Evolv.


VersaSpa Spray Tanning Booth:
Introducing our Unlimited VersaPro Heated Sunless Booth Memberships!!
  • Level 1 & 2: $49.50
  • ANY Level: $69.50 - PLUS Your Choice of PH Spray or Moisturizer
One-Of-A-Kind Heated Application
Step inside a warm inviting environment and experience a heated spa-like treatment with every spray pass. VersaPro keeps you warm and dry throughout the entire session. Exit each treatment session dry and ready to redress.

3/4 Enclosed, Open-Air Design
A private yet open-air Sunless Spa design. With VersaPro you'll feel comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

4 Levels of Color & Multiple Skin Care Treatments
Never-ending customization. Easily customize your experience and choose from 4 levels of color from a light glow to ultra dark, plus a pre-tan pH balancing treatment, and a post-tan super-moisturizing treatment.

Height Sensor Technology
VersaPro accurately targets the areas you want to tan with its auto height sensor allowing you to choose from full body applications, as well as just face or just legs applications.

Touch Screen Video Instructions
Easily review your session details, spray tan positions and pre and post-tan instructions all on the VersaPro's integrated touch screen display.

Step-by-Step Audio Instructions
Never miss a step. Experience fully automated step-by-step audio instructions throughout the entire tanning process. Rather than simple tinting, VersaPRO creates a complete spa-like session that results in a healthy, natural look of sun-kissed skin that lasts for about a week. Sun Spot Atlantis has the only VersaPro in Colorado Springs.

freeVideo VersaPro FAQ's:
Click the link below for a complete product overview, FAQ's and specification on the unique VersaPRO system by Magictan.  http://www.sunless.com/versapro   Or you can view the VersaPRO Instructional Video here:

EVOLV AIR-Brush Tanning:
For those who seriously

So when Harry told Sally...
"Women could never fake it"... NOW YOU CAN!!!!
If the idea of "Orangey Streaks" gives you stress dreams... We don't blame you ! YES....we are Master Trained Spray Tanners!  We did not buy a machine, practice on a few friends and put out the open sign!  Nor do we hire random people monthly off the streets and make them a sprayer in one hour. We ARE Norvell Sunless University Graduates and that says alot because it's the "Harvard University of Spray Tanning".   They have 3 levels of stringent programs and you don't get through the 3rd unless you demonstrate the best skills at your air brush spray tanning.   And, We did not stop there... We spared NO expense and brought in the industries FINEST HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) true heated air brush system along with the finest solutions. We don't need a "laser" red light to spray you.... because we are pros. A laser light on a spray gun is like training wheels on a bike.
Stop by the Sun Spot for a tour of our amazing Facility...

Custom Air Brush Spray... ALL INCLUSIVE 

Single Air Brush Session $37.00    (Group of 2 or more... $30 each)
Monthly Unlimited Airbrush Membership  $99.00
5 Packs and 10 packs available at great reduced rates!
Our Spray Tan Pros are Ready...
So come on in and let our Sun Spot, Colorado Springs, Master Air Brush technicians provide you with the industries finest air brush tan.
What makes us different? 
We don't believe in skimping on cost when it comes to our solutions... WHY? 
First Off, there are very FEW solutions made that are not FULL of alcohol and we won't put them on our shelf. You can only imagine what that amount of alcohol on your skin will do to it after day 1. 
Secondly, you WANT and should DEMAND a premium DHA Bronzing Solution with high end skin ingredients.
You should have the most natural looking tan AND more importantly one that you want to SEE days later.
guarantee100What else sets us apart? 
WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK.  If you are not happy we WILL work to make it right or we WILL refund your money 100%. I have to say that we have not had any takers to date and that makes us incredibly PROUD. BE CONFIDENT you will look amazing.
Your $37.00 All-Inclusive Custom Air Brush session includes:
    • Shade consultation and choice of add on products (Fragrance, slimming drops, anti-aging drops, added tint of bronze or opalesence, DHA drops or anti-cellulite drops).
    • Change into our spa robe and your choice of disposable garments and get a FULL PH/Astringent body spray.
    •  Your skin condition will be assessed. This is SUCH an important factor that is typically not taken into consideration by the majority of sprayers. Drier skin DOES NOT retain the DHA or "color" and fades in 48-72 hours. A QUALITY spray tan, that is maintained correctly, should last 7-10 days. If your skin PH requires this extra step, we will spray you with a warm skin conditioning solution that is packed with Aloe and 14 moisturizing skin conditioners. This is our FAVORITE solution...especially living in dry Colorado.
    • Your Custom Spray is accomplished in a private and professional spa room using the most state of the art air intake system for your comfort.
    • Want more icing on us? Pick from one of our stunning glitter sprays.
When your Ready to Go:  Here is a quick FAQ Primer on
"Spray Tan Preparation"  click here >> Spray Tan Preparation

Remember "Sun Spot" For All Your Sunless Tanning Needs:

For Special Bridal Parties
For your Birthday Party
Get Tanned for The Holiday's
Get a Tan BEFORE you go on Vacation
Put a Spring Break Bronze on BEFORE you go.
For that Special Class Reunion
For Professional Photo Shoots
For that Special Fashion Show
For Serious Bodybuilding Show

Cheerleading & Dance Competitions
Tans For that Special Sweet 16 Party
High School Events, Proms, Winter Formals
Senior portraits
Class pictures

Our Master Technicans are Trained "Sunless" Professionals:
Crystal Martin-Rooney (Owner, Sun Spot)       Ashley Ashland (Spray Tan Technician)
Call and schedule your experience today!
We look forward to making you even more beautiful!!
Address:  4310 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO  80918     Telephone:  719-531-6000    Website:   http://www.ssatlantis.com 
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