UV Tanning:


When it comes to getting a great indoor tan, here's the first thing you need to know: 

It's all about the lamps, NOT the bed! Premium quality lamps in a well maintained ten-year old tanning bed with fresh acrylics will produce better tanning results then a new, cool looking $35,000 bed with inferior or worn out tanning lamps.

Here's the second thing you should be aware of: tanning lamps only tan effectively for a limited number of hours, typically between 500 - 800 hours depending on the lamp type. After a certain period of time, although the lamp still lights up just fine, the phosphors in the lamp that produce the UV light spectrum (i.e. a tan) are used up.

What you have at that point is a nice florescent lamp that you can stand in front of it until the cows come home and you'll get the same tanning result as you do sitting under office lighting all day long!


Dedicated Maintenance and Monitoring:

At Atlantis our computers monitor and rate remaining lamp life as green (>100 hours), yellow (<100 hours) or red (past rated life). Professional tanning salons should be willing to show you the effective lamp life for every tanning bed in their facility. You can ask our front desk people at any time to pull up a tanning room on our computer screen for you to check if you like. If a salon refuses to show you lamp life for their tanning beds, that should be a red flag.

For detailed information on each of our tanning beds and levels of service just click on the 'Tanning Beds' link on the left.


Tanning Beds:

We have 23 tanning units at Sun Spot Atlantis both beds and uprights. They are divided into six levels;


  • 8 Tan America VIP 30 lamp, 100-watt systems. Maximum time is 20 minutes.

Base +

  • All Base capacity, and;
  • 3 Sun Capsule VHR 40 lamp, 160-watt upright systems. Maximum time is 12 minutes.


  • All Base + capacity, and;
  • 7 Tan America 32 lamp, triple facials*. These units have 160-watt reflector lamps** in the top canopy and 100-watt lamps in the base. Maximum time is 15 minutes.
  • 1 Sun Capsule 54 lamp VHR upright. This upright features 180-watt Cosmedico premium lamps. Maximum time in these units is 10 minutes.


  • All Ultra capacity, and;
  • 2 Tan America 44 lamp, triple facials*. These beds have 160-watt reflector lamps** in the top canopy and the base. Maximum time is 12 minutes.


- All Mega capacity, and;

- 2 Sun Capsule SuperSonic uprights. These are our top of the line systems, a 54 lamp, 220-watt system featuring Cosmedico premium HP lamps that only requires a 7 minute session to produce outstanding tanning results!


- Unlimited tanning in any of our 23 tanning units plus weekly use of all of our Solo Spa services (Hydration Station, Alpha 2010 Dry Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Fit Body Wrap System.


*Quartz 100% UVA facial units that cannot burn more sensitive facial skin.

** Reflector lamps have a special coating on one side of the lamp. So instead of emitting UV in a normal 360 degree pattern, a reflector lamp focuses tanning rays into a more concentrated, 180 degree beam at the tanner.

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Sunless Tanning Units:
VersaPro Spray Tan
EVOLV Air- Brush
UV Tanning Units:
Supersonic Sun Capsule
Tan America - MegaBed
Tan America - SuperBed
Tan America UltraBed