Tanning Beds:

We have 25 tanning units at Sun Spot Atlantis both beds and uprights. They are divided into four levels;


- 10 Tan America VIP 30 lamp, 100-watt systems. Maximum time is 20 minutes.

- 3 Sun Capsule VHR 40 lamp, 160-watt systems. Maximum time is 15 minutes.


- 7 Tan America 32 lamp, triple facials*. These units have 160-watt reflector lamps** in the top canopy and 100-watt lamps in the base. Maximum time is 15 minutes.

- 1 Hex 40 lamp VHR. This upright features 160-watt reflector lamps *. Maximum time in these units is 15 minutes.


- 2 Tan America 44 lamp, triple facials*. These beds have 160-watt reflector lamps** in the top canopy and the base. Maximum time is 12 minutes.


- 2 Sun Capsule SuperSonic uprights. This is a our top of the line systems, a 54 lamp, 220-watt system that only requires a 7 minute session to produce outstanding tanning results!


*Quartz 100% UVA facial units that cannot burn more sensitive facial skin.

** Reflector lamps have a special coating on one side of the lamp. So instead of emitting UV in a normal 360 degree pattern, a reflector lamp focuses tanning rays into a more concentrated, 180 degree beam at the tanner.

Cool Don't forget, you must use eyewear!

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